Alpe d'Mzuzu Event

On July 21st 2023 the event Alpe d'Mzuzu will take place to raise money for our charity foundation Give2Grow.

Participants will climb mountain the Grand Ballon (well known from the Tour de France) by bike as often as possible on one day. This in order to raise money to build the CBCC school building in Gowoka, close to Mzuzu in Malawi.

For one day, the motto of our organisation changes from #givetogrow to #givetoclimb.

The event

What is Alpe d'Mzuzu?
The name for the event - Alpe d'Mzuzu - comes from the amazing event Alpe d'HuZes, which is organised to raise money for Cancer research. In this event every year thousands of participants climb the French mountain Alpe d'Huez, famous from the Tour de France, as many times as possible to individually raise money for the good cause.

Give2Grow would like to do something similar, but on a smaller scale and for our own charity Give2Grow. We have chosen the mountain the Grand Ballon, because the Tour the France will be in that region in the weekend of July 21st. The Aple d'Mzuzu event takes place on Friday July 21st.

The event will be organised by Emiel and Eric, board members of Give2Grow. They are untrained cyclists, which will make it a great challenge to reach the top of the Grand Ballon. Although it might be a great physical test for us, we still see it as a small effort in comparison to the challenges children in Malawi face every day.

100% of the donations will go to the Gowoka project: building a CBCC school in Gowoka, Malawi.


Donation possibilities

The people who would like to participate in the event will try to reach the top as often as possible, with a maximum of 5 times. There will be three different donation possibilities:

1. Donating a fixed amount
You can donate a fixed amount to Give2Grow. 100% of this amount will go to the Gowoka project: building a CBCC school in Gowoka, Malawi. You can just click on the 'Donate' button to make your donation.

2. Donate for every time the top is reached
You can also 'sponsor' one of the participants. You agree on an amount at forehand and this amount will be multiplied by the times the participant will reach the top of the Grand Ballon (with a maximum of 5 times). Afterwards we will send you a payment request to pay the total amount. The event will be covered live on Instagram and Strava, so can check the progress realtime!

3. Sponsor as a company with a jersey logo
If your company would like to sponsor the event, you can choose to put the company logo on the outfit of the participants. The price of the logo will be € 100.

Give2Grow has an ANBI status, which means donations can be deducted from the tax declaration!

About the Grand Ballon

The Grand Ballon is the highest mountain in the Vosges in France. It is also the highest point of the Grand-Est region in France. The summit is located on an altitude of 1,424 m.

From the town Moosch the total distance is 12.6 km, gaining 949 m in height. On the image you can see the profile of the climb.

The Col du Grand Ballon has been crossed 7 times in the Tour de France, with the last time in 2014. This year the Tour de France will pass the region again, but will climb Le Markstein and Le Petit Ballon instead, the little brothers of the Grand Ballon.

Become a sponsor

Choose here how you would like to contribute. Remember that 100% of your contribution will go to the Gowoka project in Malawi.

1. Donate a fixed amount
You can donate a fixed amount here.

2. Sponsor a participant
You can sponsor one of the participants for every time he/she reached the summit of the Grand Ballon.
You can fill in this form to become a sponsor.

3. Become a jersey sponsor
Every participant will buy a white plain cycling jersey which has space for several company logos. It's possible to put your company logo on the jersey as well! The price for a single logo is € 150.

To become a jersey sponsor, you can fill in this form.

Sponsor a participant

Please share your details and the amount you want to donate (for each time the summit has been reached).

Important: the amount you fill in here will be the amount per climb. So the amount will be multiplied by the amount of times the participant reaches the summit (with a maximum of 5). We will send you an email with the result and a payment request after the event.

Do you just want to donate one fixed amount? Then go to this page to donate.

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Become a jersey sponsor

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