A visit to Mbiriyawaka and Masasa

A role model at only 8 years old...

It sounds, very unusual that someone at 8 can be a role model and yet hope for other people. This is Rachael who defied the odds and she has justified the cbcc as the foundation to her future, the CBCC that was constructed by Chideso CBO with the financial support from Mr Clemens Roling. Before the CBCC was constructed, kids had no enough space for learning and almost some could stay outside of the small shelter that was made by the community members.

According to One caregiver, Nelles Munthali, the cbcc is a dream come true to the community, because before this they used to care for kids on bare ground before the community provided them with the simple shelter however this was still far from there need as the facility had no roof which meant there was no classes during rainy seasons on most occasions.

This was the ultimate contribution to low numbers in classes, Poor performance of pupils in exams and in public primary schools due to inadequate preparedness. This was the ad- verse result to that which the community expected.

Mr Roling saw this as a need and imagined how beautiful it can be for the people of Mbiriyawaka to have a structure that would accommodate a good number of kids, without looking at season, this means there would be maximum enrolment that would then maximize the desire of the community that all kids should at- tend the CBCC.

Chideso in its programs, makes efforts to help in child development in the Ten villages they work in. It was relieving to see Mr Roling come in to construct the structure.

Since the construction, there have been positive progress in attendance, performance of kids in primary schools and service provision to kids. Kids are now able to attend in large number and this term the enrolment is at 57 compared to previous enrolment which was hovering around 30-35 before the structure, this represents a 62.86% increase.

To compliment the beautiful structure, the facility has playing Materials, there is food being provided with yet another support from Mr Roling, these have played an important role in wooing kids to patronize the Centre, because no kid wants to miss the fun of using the materials and enjoying porridge respectively.

This has also motivated teachers to work more extra harder. The centre not only benefit kids academically but students around the community use it as a library during evening hours .

Rachael a Graduate of 2021 class and who has enrolled with the junior class in public school in January, now in standard One, has been the top performer at Kaligomba Primary school, scooping position 4 in a class of 79 pupils in last term exams results.

Racheal is seen to be the role model to upcoming kids that are now the facility, the community is reaping from the dream and efforts that were done by Mr Roling.

The Centre apart from helping to develop education, it also provide a conducive environment for other child development activities such as Family planning lessons, and Under five Clinics.

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April 13, 2022
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