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We believe in giving small kids a chance at a better life. Putting them on the right track at young age, so they can grow and live happy and prosperous lives.

What is Give2Grow

Give2grow is a non-profit foundation set-up primarily to support small villages in Malawi in building their own future. The foundation financially supports the construction of preschools, commonly known as CBCC's (Community Based Childcare Centres).

These CBCC's  buildings serve different purposes. It supports the community, not only by serving as a pre-school, but also as a safe place for village meetings, development activities, village gatherings, education also for the elderly, and a place from where a variety of governmental and charitable activities are initiated.

Preschools are extremely important for the development of kids in the area. As most 3-5 year-old in rural areas do not have access to early learning opportunities, they are ill-prepared when they start school. Later in life, this leads to high drop-out rates in primary and low enrolment rates in secondary school, translating to lower overall welfare in the community.


Our mission is to support small villages in Malawi to build their own future, one school at the time. Our approach is to collect donations and funds destined to finance the initiatives defined with our current local partner “Chideso”. 

Together we have defined  a goal of 30.000 Euros to build a new preschool equipped to raise and care for around 50 kids. Complete of four classrooms, a kitchen, a computer lab, a library and space for parenting education, the preschool is destined to become more than just a school, but a true centre for the life of the community. 

Through Chideso we have connected to local contractors to define the cost and timeframe for building the school and singled out the land where to build it. As our vision is to empower the community to grow, our goal is funding buildings and not the running costs of a school.


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Making a difference doesn’t cost a fortune, mainly efforts and the will to do good! All it takes is...



To provide a kid with a school and education for the whole year