About Give2Grow

Give2Grow is a Dutch registered foundation built primarily to financially support the building of pre-schools  in Malawi.

Give2Grow is run 100% by volunteers, with no paid staff, which is why we need your help! We understand the importance of knowing where your help is going, so below you can find some more information about the foundation and what we can do together.

Who are we?

Give2Grow is a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The foundation is run 100% by volunteers with no paid staff.

The mission of Give2Grow is to enable local communities in Malawi to grow. Therefore it is our goal to finance the construction of preschools in Malawi and to have it built by the local community itself.

Give2Grow is not involved in the acquisition of land en the financing of the operational costs of the schools. However, we always make sure the construction and operation of each new preschool is sustainable and financially feasible.

Our Partners

How did it all start?

The idea started in 2019, with Clemens volunteering with Chideso in Mzuzu, Malawi. He promoted positive early childhood development by teaching children in the preschools of Chideso.

Unfortunately, lacking in essential resources, these centres struggle to meet the educational needs of the children and other basic needs of life. Established preschools suffer from a dramatic lack of normal classroom space or even an education facility building seriously affecting their ability to teach the kids.

After experiencing this first-hand, Clemens started a project to provide a building for a preschool including essential services such as sanitation for the building, school playground and equipped the classrooms with the necessary educational materials.

First opening in 2021
The centre successfully opened its doors in March 2021. Moved by the impact that this initiative had, we have decided to start the charity Give2Grow and scale this initiative.

How do we operate?

Our goal is to guarantee that local community receive sufficient funds to develop their projects, and that none of the collected donation ends up in corrupt pockets or undesired accounts. For this reason we work only with selected and certified organisations, and we rely on our contacts in the region to continuously oversee developments and progress in our mission with an objective eye.

The Child Development Support Organization (CHIDESO) is a community based organisation in the Masasa community in Mzuzu city in the north of Malawi. The organisation was established in 2007 and is registered with the Ministry of Gender, Women, Children and Community Development Services.

Together with Chideso we have defined a goal of €30.000 to build a new preschool from the ground up, including all the facilities necessary to support the development of the community. Should we not be able to reach the full amount, we will revise the plans with Chideso to redefine the scope of the project (i.e. resizing the building). Wether it is to buy bricks, dig foundations or paying a teacher, your contribution is guaranteed to give a chance to those who do not.
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Stichting Give2Grow is run 100% by volunteers, with no paid staff.
Give2grow has received ANBI status since 02/02/2023. This ensures that donations are tax deductible and exempt from taxation.
In accordance with Dutch Law, the first Annual Accounts (2022) will be published in 2023.
Chairman Clemens Röling
Secretary Jordi Rosendahl
Treasurer Emiel Logtenberg
Member Stefano Zese
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