About the project

Our approach is to collect donations and funds destined to finance the initiatives defined with our current local partner “Chideso”. Our mission is to support small villages in Malawi to build their own future, one school at the time.


What is the project about?

The current project is to build a new preschool in the small community Gowoka, near the Mzuzu in Malawi. Preschools (or Community Based Childcare Centres) are essential for local communities, not only for the children in the ages 3-5 who make use of it, but for the community as a whole as well.

Together we have defined a goal of € 30.000 to build a school equipped to raise and care for around 50 kids. Complete of four classrooms, a kitchen, a computer lab, a library, and space for parenting education, the CBCC is destined to become more than just a school, but a true centre for the life of the community. 

Through Chideso we connected to local contractors to define the cost and timeframe for building the school and singled out the land to build it. As our vision is to empower the community to grow, our goal is to fund buildings and not the running costs of a school.

where is it?

The new preschool will be located in Gowoka. This is a very small village near Mzuzu in the north of Malawi.

The Masasa community has mixed ethnic groups and origins. The commonly used languages are English, Chichewa, Tubular, and Tonga. The people of this community mainly depend on income from small-scale businesses (second-hand clothes, agricultural and natural resources). Some people who do find employment have low-income positions such as security guards, cleaners, and domestic workers.  

This community has ongoing challenges in surviving daily due to the low-income levels and the ever-rising cost of living; most households live on less than €1 a day.  This is why all our construction is done locally, with local builder and materials to empower local business and people around the school, positively impacting parents as much as children.

Why is it important?

In Gowoka there are 33 kids registered already (of the total 154 kids under 5 years old in the community) who currently do not have a school. They currently do what they can by gathering outside and using a neighbor's veranda as a ‘classroom’. This is not a sustainable situation at all. Building a new preschool would be needed for a normal development of the children in this community and providing them the opportunity of a better future.

The preschool buildings serve also different purposes. It supports the community, not only by serving as a preschool, but also as a safe place for village meetings, development activities, village gatherings, education also for the elderly, and a place from where a variety of governmental and charitable activities are initiated.

Preschools are extremely important for the development of kids in the area. As most 3-5 year-old in rural areas do not have access to early learning opportunities, they are ill-prepared when they start school. Later in life, this leads to high drop-out rates in primary and low enrolment rates in secondary school, translating to lower overall welfare in the community. With building preschools with the right basic facilities we want to change this.

How do we operate?

Our goal is to guarantee that local community receive sufficient funds to develop their projects, and that none of the collected donation ends up in corrupt pockets or undesired accounts. For this reason we work only with selected and certified organisations, and we rely on our contacts in the region to continuously oversee developments and progress in our mission with an objective eye.

The Child Development Support Organization (CHIDESO) is a community based organisation in the Masasa community in Mzuzu city in the north of Malawi. The organisation was established in 2007 and is registered with the Ministry of Gender, Women, Children and Community Development Services.

Together with Chideso we have defined a goal of €30.000 to build a new preschool from the ground up, including all the facilities necessary to support the development of the community. Should we not be able to reach the full amount, we will revise the plans with Chideso to redefine the scope of the project (i.e. resizing the building). Wether it is to buy bricks, dig foundations or paying a teacher, your contribution is guaranteed to give a chance to those who do not.

Our local partner Chideso

Chideso is a development support organisation and focuses on children’s rights and development by running a variety of support projects. Their involvement with the early development of children, training vocational skills to adults, skills development and HIV/AIDS education and prevention are an essential need in this community with many challenges such as income generating challenges, extreme poverty, low life expectancy, child neglect and more.

Help us out

Making a difference doesn’t cost a fortune, mainly efforts and the will to do good!

All it takes is 7.5 EUROS to provide a kid with school material for the whole year