The CBCC Centre of development

The community is ready for the construction of a cbcc at Gowoka village by Chideso cbo in partnership of Give2Grow. The cbcc which is a place meant to raise children of under five ages, to prepare them for the life at public primary schools. The cbccs are run by the community and facilitated in the operations by chideso.

Chideso cbo oversees four cbccs which are in the operational area-Group Village Headman Kamchibazi, Under which there are ten small villages as follows, Gowoka, Matula, Mbiriyawaka, Mnyoka, Mziya, Abelo, Thambarale, Mgode, Chifwayi and Kowelani.

Among the programs run by Chideso, Early Childhood development is main streamed, we believe that for a child to be well prepared for primary education, he/she has to be in an environment where there is interaction with peers and teachers/caregivers. We also believe that once we have prepared a child well for primary education, the particular child is likely to perform well during the primary school and secondary school periods, with that in mind we envisage a community where children will be focused on education for better development of Our community. Education leads to a community with responsible citizens that are aware of their development needs and able to act on the needed steps for intervention.

Chideso, is on the verge of constructing a standardized cbcc structure at Gowoka village, where the community has provided the land and molded some bricks. The condition of Gowoka cbcc is well out of standard and once received warning from the office of social welfare that they can close the center because children use the veranda for lessons, consequently we register a small number of children at the center (32 this term). The cbcc is more basic which needs to be upgraded for the best service to be offered. The cbcc is going to be a multi-functional structure with a lot of development activities to take place at the center. Among others, the cbccs is poised to benefit 17 Students in secondary schools and 5 Students in Tertiary education in access to library for studies, Gowoka is a remote area and the next library is on a 6Kilomitres distance and our youth are limited to study time.

The center will also help in other development activities, such as government meetings, Community groups gathering such Village saving and loans Associations (VSLA). It will also provide a platform for the conduction of under 5 clinic services, which Gowoka at the moment doesn't access because of luck of facility. We have experience from Mbiriyawaka cbcc where children from the center are excelling in primary and secondary schools.

The pictures on this page are for the site where the new cbcc is to be constructed. Showing the old structure that blew away with the winds after which the kids were moved to learning on a veranda.

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